MRAG Europe offers consultancy services that can address risks associated with harvesting and sourcing seafood and fishery products throughout the supply chain. This includes from the point of first capture at-sea through to the end consumer. Knowledge of where fish comes from and assurance that it was sourced responsibly is now critical in making purchasing decisions. Responsible sourcing incorporates environmental sustainability and ethical labour practices both at sea and on land.

MRAG Europe works with fishing and supply-chain companies to provide assurance that responsible sourcing criteria are met by assessing sustainability, verifying traceability, assessing sourcing criteria, analysing relevant risks and providing social audits. In cases where there is work to be done to achieve the required standard, ae can provide comprehensive technical assistance. This information is presented through high-quality robust scientific analyses and reporting and provides third party verification of whether current systems are sufficient to guarantee compliance against the terms of the sourcing. Our services include:

  •  Technical assistance for Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs)
  •  Traceability rapid assessment
  •  Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) risk assessment for supply-chain
  •  FAD status risk assessment & other bespoke assessments
  •  Sustainable seafood sourcing policy creation & analysis
  •  Social auditing of vessels & supply-chain
  •  Aquaculture assessment & improvement


Title Region End Date
Social audits for Thai Union longline vessels

Thai Union requested that MRAG undertook social audits on a number of longline vessels…