Thai Union requested that MRAG undertook social audits on a number of longline vessels operating in the Indian Ocean that supply them with tuna and are part of the Thai Union Vessel Improvements program and code of conduct. There are currently 32 vessels that are part of this programme and it these vessels that were audited. An at sea auditor was deployed onboard the Malaysian flagged carrier vessel, the Kha Yang 333 (IRCS: 9MTU3; IMO: 7920728) in order to In order to assess conformance with the Programme. A total of 19 vessels were audited. 

The initial deployments focussed on identifying risks and weakness and potential for improvement within the programme, as well as develop the programme further for suitability for at sea audits as well as a view to conducting audits on vessels operating in ICCAT and WCPFC waters as well as pole and line vessels 

Project Dates

16/12/19 - 31/12/20


Indian Ocean