A programme relates to a collection of projects or activities that occur under a common theme. By definition they are large contracts that can include programme development, programme management and, monitoring and evaluation.

MRAG Europe has gained considerable experience of managing large, multi-annual programmes for a number of clients, including several EU Framework Contracts on behalf of the European Commission. These require management and implementation of Specific Contracts between multiple partners, often working in parallel with similar milestones and deadlines. Use of reporting guidelines and templates facilitates a common reporting format, with robust peer review and professional copy-editing ensuring consistency and quality of all outputs and deliverables.

Our in-house staff capacity includes both the technical and administrative skills required for implementing programmes. At a technical level we are able to provide experienced Programme Managers to oversee the goals, purpose and status of all Specific Contracts and have the capacity, with our pool of external experts and in-house training systems, to guarantee continuity of service for long term multi-annual programmes. Our IT and finance staff are experienced at managing a large portfolio of projects and bring these skills to the programme management services we offer. Coupled to this, our Cloud-based IT platform facilitates secure sharing of information and data, and ensures the coordination and collaboration of large project teams.