The creation of environmental and fisheries policy involves the consideration of a wide variety of interacting factors. MRAG understands the importance of the relationship between scientific research, evidence and policy development and provides clients with advice and guidance on the preparation of coherent policy frameworks.  MRAG provides counsel and practical assistance in environmental policy and planning to several government agencies, bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid donors, and private companies. This includes advice on the establishment of fisheries regimes, legal agreements for international fishing rights and licensing, and the economic and biological sustainability of specific fisheries. MRAG's services also include coordination and facilitation of the involvement of multiple stakeholders within consensus-building processes.


Title Region End Date
Adapting postharvest activities in the value chain of fisheries and aquaculture to the effects of climate change and mitigating their climate footprint through the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions

MRAG Europe, as lead partner of a consortium, has been contracted by CINEA within the…

Cost and benefits of fish stock recovery areas and other effective area-based conservation measures as tools for fisheries management − Case study assessments

The European Union Biodiversity Strategy sets the target for protected areas in the EU…

Study on ecosystem-based approaches applied to fisheries management under the CFP

Given the complexity of food web interactions, large range of fisheries-species…

CFP Regionalisation

Regionalisation was established to enable a bottom-up approach to fisheries governance…

Study on state of the art scientific information on the impacts of aquaculture activities in Europe Study on state of the art scientific information on the impacts of aquaculture activities in Europe

Aquaculture is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and is an increasingly…

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay A study providing an overview of the effects of offshore wind farms on fisheries and aquaculture

As a consortium partner, MRAG provided an overview of the effects of offshore wind…