Given the complexity of food web interactions, large range of fisheries-species combinations and number of stakeholders that need to be included to develop, implement and evaluate and Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM), a generic methodology on how to implement the EAFM across all marine areas in the European Union has not yet been developed. A clear state-of-play is needed to progress in this area, to learn from the local examples and apply them elsewhere and to identify where data or knowledge gaps hamper a further implementation of EAFM. This study provided a review of legislation that attempt to contribute to EAFM by means of management measures, list the ecosystem challenges these measures try to achieve and describe progress achieved to address these challenges for fisheries under the Common Fisheries Policy. The study demonstrated the scientific underpinning of the measures and implemented methods to work towards an EAFM in the Atlantic Western Waters and Outermost Regions. Given the large number of fisheries and geographical scope of the study, specific attention was paid to knowledge and data gaps, overall progress of implementing an EAFM and illustrating best practices so to help recommending future steps to operationalise an EAFM.