High quality, timely and unbiased data are essential requirements to support evidence-based management decision-making . Data may be obtained from a wide variety of sources, including dedicated fisheries-independent research surveys or as part of a commercial fisheries-dependent data collection programmes which can be used for resource assessments.  

MRAG can provide expert advice on and practical implementation in a wide range of fisheries and environmental surveys. We have conducted a wide variety of survey designs and analysis, including marine and freshwater acoustic surveys, fisheries pre-recruit surveys, fisheries observer programmes, aquatic fish biodiversity, socio-economic and market surveys, in addition to designing entire national fisheries data collection programmes. Integral to survey design and analysis is appropriate data management tools to ensure data quality control and quality assurance.

Specific project experience includes the survey design and implementation of an acoustic and dropline survey of deep slope demersal resources within the southwest Indian Ocean, in addition to designing and implementing a baseline fish survey to determine freshwater fish biodiversity in Sierra Leone.