MRAG is able to offer stand alone Programme Development services or as part of wider Programme management and implementation. Programme development begins with clear specification of goals, purposes, and desired outputs. We use sophisticated project planning and management tools to create programme frameworks, plan human resource use and define realistic project milestones. MRAG uses these tools for all its projects and has gained considerable experience in their application in the resource management sector.
Services that we provide include:

• Strategic Programme Review, to evaluate if the programme and its specific projects meet defined goals and criteria (e.g. geographically, by topic, by desired outcome) and to identify new specific project requirements identifying knowledge gaps
• Networking and developing global partnerships including target country visits and workshops promote the programme and establish project partnerships.
• Evaluating the uptake promotion potential research products.
• Developing and implementing communications and scaling up strategies for the programme.
• Knowledge management and its promotion ( including programme website, projects database, highlights and policy briefs etc).