Where fisheries are unlikely to meet the MSC Standard, a burgeoning area of work globally is Fishery Improvement Projects. These are structured, multi-stakeholder projects designed to guide and demonstrate progress towards achieving an end goal. The end goals of Improvement Projects are tailored to the fishery operation in question and can include biological, economic and/or socio-economic objectives. 

MRAG is very active in the fishery space, having conducted numerous sustainability gap analyses and provided technical expertise to a number of FIPs. MRAG can provide a complete range of services to develop and implement FIPs and AIPs, or provide specific technical advice on key elements within an existing project.

Small pelagic fisheries can also gain certification against the International Fish Oil and Fishmeal Responsible Supply Standard. MRAG is qualified to undertake IFFO RS fisheries assessments for the Improver Program, leading to FIPs that are recognised and supported by IFFO RS.

Services include:

  •  Fishery sustainability gap analysis;
  •  IFFO Improver Programme
  •  FIP action-plan development;
  •  Specific technical advice on elements within an existing project;
  •  FIP review;