MRAG has undertaken biodiversity assessments on a diverse range of living resources from fish, crustacean, and mollusc species to terrestrial livestock. Ecosystems measured have been of all sizes from small tropical island fisheries in the Pacific and Caribbean, with artisanal fisheries and low fishing capacities, to industrial operations, where catches exceed 750,000 tonnes. MRAG has provided assessments and analyses of localised site biodiversity and community composition of species for a number of different bodies, including policy makers and private industry clients, and has provided data to increase available species and habitat data in a wide range of habitats through;

  • Development and analysis of integrated assessment techniques and biodiversity indicators;
  • Application of specialised techniques and equipment for monitoring and applying biodiversity indicators in pilot demonstration cases;
  • Development and implementation of information systems;
  • Stakeholder assessments and communication; and
  • short-term and long-term In-situ monitoring taking into account seasonality, anthropogenic activity and fishing management regimes

MRAG also recognises that biodiversity maintenance requires integrated management strategies involving monitoring the aquatic and environmental response to current and future impacts of anthropogenic activities. Our highly qualified consultants have evaluated effectiveness of current policies, monitoring measures and methods and Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) and have provided advice to organisations including the European Commission (EC) pertaining to halting biodiversity loss. Project work has included the development of standardized biodiversity monitoring protocols and work towards the harmonisation of reporting between biodiversity-related conventions at the global level.